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Why Are Primary Health Clinics Slow Adopters Of Marketing?

Posted by John Kerry

Marketing has been used expertly and affectively by most professional service providers for the past 10 years. However the primary health sector, which provides critical services to all ages, have been reluctant to promote themselves and compete for more clients!

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Enterprise Multi-Disciplinary Clinics Solution Software

Posted by Sue Ellen McKelvey

Why changes in the world of healthcare support an enterprise approach to healthcare delivery “new look” of healthcare clinics operating as an enterprise business.

Enterprise in healthcare: multi-disciplinary and multi-site; many providers working under the same banner across a network of clinics.

NEW BUSINESS APPROACH: providers move from solo practice SO overheads can be shared and the ‘one stop’ shop gives greater service to theIR patients, in the one practice.

New models: integrative medicine, wholistic OR team based, and ‘consumer-focused’ medical specialty clinics.

New payment options; concierge retainer to tailored programs

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