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The Importance Of Efficient, Innovative Software Solutions In Value Based Care

Posted by Sue Ellen McKelvey on February 21, 2017

Innovative software solutions in value-based healthcareThe value-based model is changing the way that healthcare is delivered in an ever-increasing share of today's healthcare market. This model is designed to improve the efficiency, quality and coordination of care, improve health outcomes, contain or reduce healthcare costs and create care delivery processes that are more responsive to the needs and desires of individual healthcare consumers. Meeting those important goals is key to the success – both clinical and financial – of healthcare providers under the value-based model. For many, this requires extensive redesign of care pathways and processes, as well as cumbersome and additional administrative practices. Efficient, innovative software solutions are vital to that effort.

Under value-based models, all providers involved in the care of each healthcare client, work as a team, placing that client firmly at the center of their own healthcare journey and making all providers accountable for meeting quality and cost goals throughout the continuum of care. That shared accountability – where quality or cost issues arising from one member affects all – creates an environment in which success depends upon careful, comprehensive coordination of care among members of each healthcare team to ensure care quality, client satisfaction and improved outcomes. Business leadership combines with clinical leadership will help to raise consciousness across the clinic as to the real meaning of value-based care. This can then create a supportive environment for this new culture focused on quality whilst eliminating inefficiencies, redundancies and waste – in both care pathways and administrative processes; essential in order to contain or reduce costs without affecting quality of care.

Effectively streamlining and coordination of these processes between providers requires the adoption of innovative healthcare IT solutions. These solutions must enable an effective level of data collection, analysis and sharing, and that data ideally will follow the clinical flow. it is to include a flow of collection behind the processes so the clinic is automatically collecting data on costs, treatment delivered and patient satisfaction, to easily produce meaningful information for value-based reporting. The most efficient and secure healthcare IT solutions incorporate all such data collection methods. One database as a unified platform of healthcare information includes:

  • Fully integrated software for clinical and practice management solutions – the capacity for your IT solution to streamline care and administrative processes is arguably the better approach to efficiency. What you can measure and monitor is what is reproducible. The delivery of value based care is being examined by many practice models and clinical teams around the country. Having an 'readily mined' database puts all the information at your fingertips:costs, treatments given and patient satisfaction and population outcomes.Your clinic and clinician team can just enjoy their clinical care, understanding that their hard work is registered seamlessly in the data collation of the clinic IT platform. This provides the reporting backbone for demonstrating value based care without compromising an atmosphere of caring patient- centered behaviors.As you develop a value based care delivery approach you will analyse many areas with your IT solution: assessing appointment types and fees; patient program management, billing/claims optimization, insurance/co-payment checking, real time data for efficient visual reports across the clinic's financial management, staff performance tracking and patient outcomes research. For comprehensive value based clinical and business review, your IT solution should be comprehensive. Ideally all one platform that offers you real time data analyses. The one platform can have Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records, e-Prescribing and e-Laboratory to easy to navigate clinical e-notes, assisted coding,physician access to mobile options and practice management processes - all there for you to check costs, treatments and patient outcomes!

  • Fully integrated patient engagement solutions – patient engagement is essential to improving client satisfaction, health behavior and health outcomes, so any healthcare IT platform built to support success under the value-based care model will include effective patient engagement tools. Patient portals are an essential feature of a quality integrated platform modeled to deliver patient-centered care and measure quality outcomes and value-based delivery hallmarks. The portal should offer patient engagement solutions that include engaging them in their own path: personal uploads of e-files for clients to track their own care,information from health/wellness monitoring devices and personal observations and photos important to their healthcare journey An engaged patient wants to read individualized health educational materials tailored for the decision making discussions in the clinic, look at the schedule of appointments and confirm progress, work with own prescription management and compliance tracking, your value based clinic will be able to use the benefits of a secure patient portal, such as secure messaging to and from the patient and the healthcare team, encouraging patient feedback and outcomes satisfaction reporting. The final solution is an engaged and active patient, happily participating in the program of care given by their clinician and healthcare team. They upload self-generated health/wellness data, and see their health outcomes tracked in their online file and discuss with their clinician when needed. The active behavioral change measured in this way is the key to long term wellness as a value based care model.

The bottom line is this: Creating an environment that allows both your clients and your practice/facility to thrive under the value-based healthcare model means building the infrastructure needed to meet such a set of standards of practice management and clinical programs. But the essential element is to that you are able to review the data real time; re-adjusting for improvement with a reliable review cycle Efficient, innovative software solutions are an essential element of that infrastructure. In fact, top-of-the-line healthcare IT is likely the most important tool available to you to ensure the ability to navigate this modern model to your best advantage and that of your clients.

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