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Meeting The Needs Of Today's Healthcare Consumer: Solid, Secure Technology Is Essential

Posted by Sue Ellen McKelvey on March 21, 2017

shutterstock_601720379.jpgExpectations of a new healthcare industry is evolving; moving the focus towards individuals, with a more personal approach rather than disease recognition and management only. This more patient-centered approach has led to a greater understanding of the needs of healthcare consumers. Among the more important revelations to emerge from that process is that today's healthcare consumer is no longer satisfied with being a passive patient, relegated to the sidelines as their providers decide what best suits their needs. Rather, they want to be recognized and increasingly expect their input to be important in the decision making process; they are more empowered as consumers or clients at the center of their own healthcare journey.What this means is that there is more transparency between healthcare consumers and their providers; trust is essential to the healthcare relationship but there is greater exchange or increased communication with clinicians. Easy access to health education and their own personal health information is part of this new healthcare system; consumers starting to feel engaged in their own care. In using this new level of knowledge they are more participatory in the professional counsel they seek, more active self-care and more aware of the available resources.

As providers strive to meet these needs, it has become clear that safe, secure and comprehensive healthcare IT platforms are crucial. To be able to meet the demands of a patient-centered approach to care in today's already over-burdened healthcare system, the online client is the way forward for the busy clinician.

Patient portal software, for instance, can make it easy for providers to improve education and effective involvement with each patient in their personal health journey. There is a new acceptance of professional transparency that actually build the trust between clinician and client; closer, more connected healthcare relationships are more effective. A fully developed online file -featured in the latest patient portals, is the new standard in top-quality modern healthcare IT platforms. Ready to offer online patient engagement solutions that help in achieving better health outcomes including:

  • Web-accessed clinical file – This feature provides clients with 24/7 secure online access to their health records. They can also contribute information to that file, submitting the results of self-monitoring tasks for review by clinicians, or reporting health changes or concerns.
  • Personalized online health education – Among the most important patient engagement solutions, this feature gives healthcare consumers access to information and resources relevant to their individual condition, health care focus and wellness concerns.
  • Secure online client-provider messaging – This feature opens communication between providers and clients, allowing clients to securely inform the clinic of their concerns. All online portals should only enable a responsible and accountable method of questions and advice online.
  • Online health management tools – These effective patient engagement solutions offer clients ease and convenience in self-management and include online appointment booking and management, prescription renewals,referral requests, and health screening alert features.
  • Online information intake, update and feedback forms – The ability to handle these tasks online improves the patient engagement / personalized experience by providing a more convenient and comfortable environment for quietly updating personal and financial information and submitting questionnaires and time for honest health contemplation without time pressure! We all want considered feedback on their care.

By making these and other software solutions available to their clients, healthcare providers are able to implement a truly patient-centered care approach online. However, meeting the needs of today's healthcare consumer demands that these solutions are not only smooth, efficient and user-friendly, but secure for these consumers to know that their personal health information (PHI) is protected against exposure. Meeting those standards is best done when all of these online software solutions are built within a single-platform DB as a healthcare IT system for your clinic/s.

When you check your IT system as to its' features and functionalities ask if it is all within a single data base. A single database system simplifies and strengthens security; less gaps for hackers to access or data to be lost. For example, it eliminates the need to transfer data between disparate platforms -- and the security risks inherent in frequent data movements. Additionally, the single-platform structure enables optimal protection of sensitive personal health information. Finally we are more likely to have a tighter data governance where the data is not having to be transferred across disparate systems for the purposes of data analyses and reporting purposes. The final solution must have security of PHI and data governance for your organisation to stay at the leading edge of this online delivery increasingly expected in the new healthcare system of online consumers.New Call-to-action

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