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Posted by VO Support Team on December 18, 2018



To accompany our new release, we also have an update to VO-iSite. Not all versions of Visual Outcomes will be compatible with the new VO-iSite. Also, only customers on our cloud hosted server will have access to the full range of available VO-iSite features.

Please contact VO Support to upgrade your Visual Outcomes main application or to find out more about setting up VO-iSite for your clinic -

2. Check your Pricing Groups

Remember to make sure your patients have been assigned to the correct Pricing Group in the Client Wizard and pricing has been set up correctly for each service and practitioner in the Pricing Wizard. Otherwise you will see this error when you try to create an invoice for the appointment:

VO Error


Search “Pricing Groups” in the Online Help file or contact for more information.

3. Front Desk Alert

Many of our customers make use of this handy feature to notify them of:

  • clients who owe money
  • clients who are only allowed to book a specific service
  • clients who have special needs

All can be setup as a Front Desk Alert via the Client DirectorNotes tab (at the bottom). Enter your note text, select Front Desk Alert from the drop down menu and Save Note. Then, each time this client is loaded to the Client Director, the alert will appear on the screen, top right:

Front Desk Alert

As the name suggests, this is only visible for Front Desk staff (CA, Senior CA, Practice Manager security levels).

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