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Enterprise Multi-Disciplinary Clinics Solution Software

Posted by Sue Ellen McKelvey on September 10, 2017

Why changes in the world of healthcare support an enterprise approach to healthcare delivery “new look” of healthcare clinics operating as an enterprise business.

Enterprise in healthcare: multi-disciplinary and multi-site; many providers working under the same banner across a network of clinics.

NEW BUSINESS APPROACH: providers move from solo practice SO overheads can be shared and the ‘one stop’ shop gives greater service to theIR patients, in the one practice.

New models: integrative medicine, wholistic OR team based, and ‘consumer-focused’ medical specialty clinics.

New payment options; concierge retainer to tailored programs

Entrepreneurs: business managers/ non-clinician owners/ organizations are investing offering services as a combination of medical, allied health, wellness and related specialized services.

Healthcare exists because of the patient. The internet has changed the face of healthcare forever. Consumers pick up their phones/ mobile devices to engage with friends, do banking and shop; now look to their healthcare needs online. *  They want to feel heard and get “value” - they shop for healthcare services and prices; traditional trust in the dr/pt relationship measured against what value they can find online; sharing opinions via social media daily. **

Patient satisfaction: is a measured part of the success of the enterprise healthcare clinics. They have a software that is well equipped to collect inputs from the patient online, measuring them as active and engaged with high-quality reports; academics and regulators confirm this achieves better outcomes for all. An enterprise healthcare clinic has seamless patient education, CRM tools, 24/7 secured portal, telehealth consultations and classes. All patient health information is fully secured and up to international standards with no unauthorized access guaranteed.

An enterprise healthcare business must be able to work with new payment models; we have seen co-pay, private fees and now value based care. In 2018 the payers, whether patients themselves, private insurance or government authorities want data to demonstrate value for money. Escalating costs are to be controlled with solid financial management using software built for enterprise healthcare business models; capable of analyses across costs, services and codes against value measures such as patient-centered outcomes. All in the same software platform it must offer Business Intelligence BI to run reports as required by all the stakeholders, from clinicians to shareholders.


Enterprise healthcare software platform = Your business “secrets” in a powerful data engine

  • Clinic: data for review: business model performance, operations and adjustments for financial growth
  • Client: data for self-care: active engagement and better outcomes /referrals and tracking satisfaction
  • Clinician: data for decisions: better information flow and provider-specific measures of satisfaction/reporting


We are in a new world of e-healthcare where technology is the ‘can do’. The older medical software often cobbled together software to meet demands as not built to support enterprise healthcare. Data accuracy for healthcare analytics is vital; third-party software trawling over a practice management database may be inaccurate. E-health is here to stay; look for a software solution that can support your business now and into the future.


Government agencies and professional association require reporting. All reporting across accounting, clinical and financial can be delivered as automated emails. Enterprise business requires ease of export and reporting with 100% data accuracy. Check data governance and what audit trails will underpin business operations.


 An enterprise healthcare software is a complete IT platform; offering a highly normalized database that is easily queried across complex analytics tracking. Built for real time data at your fingertips, set up comprehensive KPI reporting; use these in automated emails for team self-assessment. Security roles are set up to ensure data and reports are securely accessed as per management protocols.


 The patient is the end user or ‘consumer of healthcare services’ particularly at the wellness end of their healthcare continuum – the target market for a growing industry of enterprise healthcare.

Innovative ideas and entrepreneurial models are part of this new world of healthcare, the aim is to be able to deliver great healthcare with a sound business model. ***

Visual Outcomes is ‘one database’ and enterprise built 9 years ago and is serving medical and other healthcare provider types in Australasia and USA as a PMS EHR patient portal, CRM system, data repository, inventory in-house, patient portal and BI system.

Sound business decisions for Enterprise Healthcare: Visual Outcomes was designed to deliver ‘real time’ data mining and analyses for quality reporting across clinic, client and clinician.


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